Volunteers Needed


Volunteers are the heart & soul of the Stanley Agricultural Society. With your valuable help, we are able to put on one of the largest Exhibition & Horse Show in Manitoba!

What is your area of interest?

Horse Show: Announcing, Ring Master, Registration, Parking, Arena Harrower, Gate Person, Barrel and Pole Setter

Contact Tanya Schobert at: laurenschobert@hotmail.com

Cattle Show: Announcing, Registration, Parking, Setup, Take Down

Contact Abe Penner at: abeandlaura@hotmail.com

Burger Booth: Serving, Grilling, Handling Payment

Contact Jamie Dyck at: jndyck@gmail.com

Exhibition: Setup, Take Down, Registration, Display Arranging, Security

Contact Richard Warkentin at: thewarkentins@outlook.com


The Stanley Agricultural Society is made up of volunteers with an interest in preserving culture and heritage in the Stanley Municipality. If you are interested in becoming a part of this great team of people, please contact any member of the board.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who have helped keep the tradition alive.